What is online casino?

Online casinos offer chance to play a wide variety of online games and gambling is only smart part of it. You can use it as a real casino site or develop as an affiliate project.


According to recent data online casino is searched on Google 555`000/month worldwide. Its average CPC is $27,55. Other similar keywords you might find interesting:

  • online casino games – 31`100/month
  • new online casino – 17`300/month
  • online casino real money – 32600/month
  • online casino no deposit – 9500/month
  • online casino no deposit bonus – 15`300/month
  • online casino lv – 390/month

On Bing these numbers should be much smaller, BUT Bing loves exact match domains. Thus it is substantially much easier to rank casino online site on a search engine that attracts older customers base.

Why choose online-casino.lv NOT .com?

  • All of English vocabulary domains are already taken, even most with a hyphen.
  • .LV domain is perfect for online gambling niche.
  • .LV domain is much safer. It can’t be seized by the United States government. There must be reason why Bovada, Slots, CasinoCafe and others are choosing .lv domain.